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The word “method” has a Latin root “methŏdus”, which means research, investigation but also the way of doing research.

Every project should proceed following a logical and functional way, avoiding pointless euphemisms.



You will get a step-by-step plan that will lead to the realization of your project.



You will be involved in every aspect of the project in a clear and organized way.



There will not be any unforeseen delay or charges.

LIN Method

How does the “LIN Method” work?


Let’s know each other

Knowing your expectations and wishes is the first step to start YOUR project. After greetings, we will start talking about your interests, your needs and, in particular, your dreams.

To fully achieve this objective, you will have to fill a quick questionnaire. It will allow us to collect all the useful information to elaborate a tailor-made project for you.

Laboratorio Italiano Design - Metodo LIN - Conosciamoci
Laboratorio Italiano Design - Metodo LIN - Progetto


The project

Once collected all the necessary information, we will focus on the elaboration of the architectural project.

Our first draft will show standard measure to allow you free will of choice, this means that you will not be bond to choose specific brands.


Our ideas, your opinion

We will collect all the necessary information to explore your tastes through an initial questionnaire.

Then we will suggest you a first draft with interior finishes, furnishing coverings and details that we will elaborate together.

Laboratorio Italiano Design - Metodo LIN - Presentazione
Laboratorio Italiano Design - Metodo LIN - Ricerca


The search begins

Once we complete the project draft, we will accompany you to visit all the retailers so that we can start choosing the components and their style.

During this process, we will be there to suggest you what in our opinion would be the best choice to get to the result you long for.

Obviously we will take in consideration your personal tastes and the budget you set at the beginning of our meeting.



During this phase, the project will be focused on the different system to be applied: electrical (switches, plugs, bypass), hydraulic (bypass, sources, drains) and mechanical (CMV, air conditioner, heat pump, etc.)

In order to avoid any doubt later on, we will analyze and review together this important update point by point.

Laboratorio Italiano Design - Metodo LIN - Focus
Laboratorio Italiano Design - Metodo LIN - Lavori


Let’s get started!

When the first draft of the project has been defined we will proceed to open the site and, if necessary, to fill the administrative paperwork.

Don’t worry about getting daily e-mails and calls from the workers. We will take care of every detail: from briefings with all the necessary information to any unforeseen issue that may need to solved.

We will be your ONLY interlocutor. We will keep you constantly updated on the works progresses and you will be the protagonists of your project.


It’s inauguration time!

Last but not least, our team will deliver and assemble your furniture.

They will install lights and electronics, so that everything will be perfectly functional once you get home for the first time.

Moreover, we provide a final cleaning to the completed project

Laboratorio Italiano Design - Metodo LIN - inaugurazione

Do you want to know the “LIN Method” in every detail?

We can send it to you by e-mail.

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